Relaxing atmospheres, neutral and elegant tones, a finely refined lightning and a magic contrast between original poor materials and furniture design and industrial finishings.
We welcome you to the Main Hall, with the big tuff vault, where the old majestic press of the manor house dominates. Near this Hall, you’ll find other two smaller and private spaces.

Coffee Bar

When you want to start sipping a quick aperitif or spent some moments of relax, the doors of the coffee bar open up.
A snug area, but illuminated by glass walls which project our guests into the green fields outside.
An architectural solution without interruption, from the inside to the outside. The old weel depth pierce the structure showing the wine cellar.

Rustic corner and wine cellar
Quality means transparency.
For this reason, our wine cellar is immediately visible. It’s built under the coziest and snuggest hall and it can be admired thanks to an exclusive architectural solution..
A fully transparent floor will let you choose, first with your eyes, then with your palate, the bottle which you will enjoy your taste experience.
The small hall above the wine cellar gives access to our rustic corner finely decorated with hand paintings on the wall. Here you can sipping wine or tasting our cheese and cold cuts selection.